Saturday, November 18, 2017

Sosebee Windy Solo

Route and Ride Data Links:

Strava - Today's Route

Ride Metrics:

Distance (mile): 60
Speed Avg. (mph): 17
Cadence (rpm): 72
Time Moving: 3:31:11
Time Total: 3:36:52
Work (kj): 1522
Normal Power: 142
Average Power: 120
Max Power: 409
VI: 1.18
TSS: 198.6


Build Endurance

Ride Description:

Out and Back Spin on a very windy morning. 

I started out from the Sosebee Bike Park and had the blessing to see a bunch of the gang who were also preparing to set out on a course. Great to see Mike Q., Gary Q., Diane, Jim, Joe, Nancy, Bill and others.

The new IA16 continues to feel good and I am very happy with the bike. Now I need to forget about the bike and get dialed in on regaining some fitness. 

Unfortunately and yet very fortunate to have a couple near misses in traffic and come out unharmed and not even crash. One was a car coming the other way turned across my path at the last moment. I was able to quickly go over into the other lane and go around without hitting him. The other was a wide load truck transporting a mobile home and there is too much to describe this one. As he went around me he started coming back over on me for at least half of the trailer length. I had literally a couple feet between that load and the edge of the road. I held my line just enough to get out of that mess. 


Temperature Start (F): 45
Temperature Finish (F): 65
Wind: S 10+ mph with higher gusts.
Sky: Heavy clouds

Nutrition Intake During and Immediately After:

Bottle #1 24oz. Water, BSN Amino X, Maltodextrin
GU gel at mile 20
Post Ride: 30 gram protein drink


 Felt  IA16 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Rainy Sunday Afternoons

Kind of a cold wet day and just before jumping on the trainer for a 90 minute spin I thought I would spend a few minutes catching up on some bike maintenance. The chain on the LOOK has not been cleaned in a while and I wanted to do a little more experimenting.

Since the KMC chain started off new and went through an initial extensive cleaning and then waxing and then re-waxed later after a few hundred miles without cleaning I wanted to try something different. This time I used the ultrasonic tub with boiling hot water with dish detergent. With a quick swipe on the dirty chain I was happy to see very little grit transferred to my hand. I was still very nice to handle this chain without latex gloves or having to worry about traditional black mess. However, I was surprised at how dirty the water became and it took two attempts to clean the chain. From there it went into a bath of alcohol and then into the crock pot and hot wax. Here are a few pictures of how much dirt was in the chain.

Not too bad considering the amount of miles on this chain

Getting there......
Other things done today were dipping a couple air cartridges into Plastidip paint. It kind of puts a nice coating on the Co2, which when used the metal can get very cold and it kind of kind of hides the ugly metal housing. I have mine mounted on Co2 brackets.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Sosebee Solo

Route and Ride Data Links:

Strava - Today's Route

Ride Metrics:

Distance (mile): 51.5
Speed (mph): 17.3
Cadence (rpm): 72
Time Moving: 2:59:21
Time Total: 3:05:48
Work (kj): 1343
Normal Power: 147
Average Power: 125
Max Power: 513
VI: 1.18
TSS: 180.5



Ride Description:

Solo out and back spin on a windy and chilly day. Still observing my fit on the IA16 and hoped to put in some longer miles today, but I think this turned out to be a decent amount of time in terms of my fitness level and the amount of headwind on the way back.


Temperature Start (F): 47
Temperature Finish (F): 57
Wind (mph): 11mph SE
Sky: Clear

Nutrition Intake During and Immediately After:

Bottle #1 16oz. Water, BSN Amino X, Maltodextrin

GU gel at mile 20
Post Ride: 30 gram protein drink


 Felt  IA16 

Friday, November 10, 2017

Premier Ultra Glide Chain Lubrication

Product Highlight

I started waxing my own chains earlier this year and have really liked the experience so far. Especially at the times when the chain is dropped and not fearing the result of putting a chain with heavy black grease back on. And not having to clean the drive train has been really nice. It does require re-waxing every so many miles and it can tend to get a little noisy when it gets closer to time to re-wax. 

I have purchased the Ultra Optimized Chain for two bikes as well and the latest will come with the Ultra Glide applied. I thought I would give this chain lubrication a try and see how it goes over a span of time so for now I cannot comment. 

Previous CA Posts

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sunday Cruise

Wet, slick and messy pavement

Route and Ride Data Links:

Strava - Today's Route

Ride Metrics:

Distance (mile): 40.7
Speed Avg. (mph): 19.2
Cadence (rpm): 72
Time Moving: 2:07:19
Time Total: 2:14:11
Work (kj): 1101
Normal Power: 157
Average Power: 144
Max Power: 499
VI: 1.09
TSS: 145.9


Build Endurance and get a feel for the bike

Ride Description:

Out and Back Spin. Now it all makes sense! Yesterday's test ride of the new bike and I thought things felt a bit weird, but my focus was mainly on the front end with the aerobar extensions and the arm cups slipping. Before I started to day I noticed that the seat post looked a little low. Well not just a little. More like an inch or more. I raised it while standing on the side of the path and off I went again. Today's ride went a lot better in speed and use of power output.

The path full of fallen leaves in many well shaded and very wet pavement was about like riding on boiled cabbage. Not that I've ever done a stretch on boiled cabbage, but I can imagine it being a little slippery. I played it a bit cautiously in some of the worst areas and tried to open up the engine when I could. Even being down in fitness the bike moved along nicely. I think there may be a few small tweaks to make in the fit, but it seems close. 


Temperature Start (F): 77
Temperature Finish (F): 77
Wind: Calm
Sky: Cloudy

Nutrition Intake During and Immediately After:

Bottle #1 24oz. Water, BSN Amino X, Maltodextrin, Trace Mineral Drops
GU gel at mile 20
Post Ride: 30 gram protein drink


 Felt  IA16 

Saturday, November 4, 2017

2018 Felt IA16 - First Test Ride

Just a random picture of a guy heading toward the fog.
Thought it was cool enough to post.
Green Cobb 55 JOF test saddle will be replaced soon.
It passed the test so a black saddle will be on the way.

The extension bars were moving around on me today.
Stopped by Try Bike Shop and had them readjusted and tightened.

Route and Ride Data Links:

Strava - Today's Route

Ride Metrics:

Distance (mile): 59 miles total
Speed (mph): 18.3
Cadence (rpm): 71
Time Moving: 3:00:21
Time Total: 3:27:11
Work (kj): 1357
Normal Power: 142
Average Power: 126
Max Power: 538
VI: 1.13
TSS: 167.7


Test Ride Only

Ride Description:

I had planned to go to the Budweiser plant for this test ride until I heard some stern warnings of thick fog in that area so I headed south to the Comet where there is no car traffic and it was supposed to be fairly clear. Rolling out from the zero mile marker there was a light fog.

The one thing about testing this bike at the moment I realized it would not be a fair comparison because I have in memory of the B10 and how it performed while I was in good shape. Right now I am in terrible condition coming from the crash this summer and then going through a period of working long hours. My training fell way off and so has my fitness.

My hamstrings were getting tight at times, but that could have been totally because of my poor fitness. My first thoughts of this Felt IA16 as I started rolling in those first miles, "This bike is fast." It felt like I was in a draft of a fast paceline being pulled along, but I was solo. Tiago has the bike setup in a little more aggressive position than my previous fit. I felt like I was on a junior bike and all compacted. I was also concerned that with my neck issues and being a bit more muscular in the shoulders and neck that I would have good visibility. I could see up the road just fine, but I did have less visibility looking back. Even sitting upright I am down lower. For the three plus hours my neck did not get uncomfortable. I just hope that will also be the case with five hour rides.

I was somewhat anxious before this first ride with the fit and function of the new bike, but I believe overall I am going to like this upgrade. Even the Cobb 55 JOF saddle is going to work for me so very soon that green test saddle will be replaced with a black Cobb 55. 


Pretty good and I am not sure how much could be improved. Maybe a slight tweak here and there, but for now I plan to build my fitness and see what happens before I make any adjustments to the fit. The Cobb 55 JOF was excellent for riding off the front of the saddle.


The bike and shifting performed very well for be on the low end side of components. Shifting was a little stiff, but most newly built bikes and drivetrains are a little tight at first. Every shift was precise and the chain was never thrown off or need for trimming a gear. The bar extensions and pads moved a little on me so I had to access the mini tool from the CALpac and both it and the BSTpac seemed to clean up a lot of items that were strapped, taped and Velcro to the frame. In the BSTpac there are 2 tubes, 1 Co2 cartridge and some money. In the CALpac there are 1 Co2 cartridge, 1 Lenzyne mini tool, 1 small pepper spray, 2 tire levers and 1 gel packet.


The route today is a straight out and back bike path. There were no T-intersections to see if I could go fairly fast through a turn while in aero and no "S" turn descents to see if I could zoom down and trust the bike to hold. I will have to wait another day. I do know with sitting down lower in aero that I could not ride with others. At least not for a while or maybe it is just never worth the risk. Short light sprint actions will also need improvement. I did not feel as stable with a hard sprint and going across a couple of overpass bridges felt a little more challenging, but the bike steered where I wanted. I just think it is going to take me some more hours in aero to get my confidence up with this more aggressive fit. The bike seems good though and I can say stability was me and not the bike.


I will have to come back to this when I have better fitness. It feels fast and I feel like I am in a fast position, but I also struggled at times. Was it the position/fit or the fitness? I am not sure and I need more time to understand.


Temperature Start (F): 64
Temperature Finish (F): 71
Wind: Calm
Sky: Fog and heavy clouds.

Nutrition Intake During and Immediately After:

Bottle #1 24oz. Water, BSN Amino X, Maltodextrin, Trace Mineral Drops
GU gel at mile 25
Post Ride: 30 gram protein drink


 Felt  IA16 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

2018 Felt IA16 - Upgrade

Tiago, owner of Try Bike Shop in Marietta at work

CALpac 2.0

This is a preliminary post. I will post some updates as the bike evolves. 

TRY Bike Shop:

The new bike was purchased and built by Tiago at Try Bike Shop in Marietta. At this point Tiago has the old bike prepared for a consignment sale at the shop and it is looking good. The new Felt IA 16 is now at my house waiting for the weekend and my first test ride on the road. So far the basic fit has been worked out and the Cobb 55 JOF is just about there. The seat angle was rather difficult, but I think Tiago got it set pretty good for this first ride. The aero bar extensions and pads have been adjusted. 

This bike was a custom order and my request for some specific items and Tiago listened and addressed all that I asked. Because this bike was ordered to my size and had some parts that had to be ordered it took a little longer. Meaning this was not a bike that Tiago had on in his showroom floor. Through all of the process from my first ideas of what I wanted to achieve, through the order of the bike and additional parts and to a rough initial fitting it was a great buyer experience for me. Tiago spoke to me as if we had been friends for years, which made it a more comfortable feeling when considering the pricing of a decent bike, upgrades and other issues in a large purchase. Getting the fit right is one of the greatest anxieties that I encounter when purchasing a new bike. If the bike is uncomfortable to use than one will not be motivated to spend hours on end for the time of ownership with that bike. I was potentially borderline between a 54 and some were telling to go up in size. Tiago spent time making sure we got the right size for me. 

Just a side note: If you stumble on this blog post and you have not made a bike purchase do not let the shop sales staff just rush you into whatever they have on the floor for the sake of moving inventory. Make sure they know what they are talking about when it comes to your own personal fit or else you will hate spending extended time on an ill fitting bike and it will be money flushed down the toilet. We are unique in our builds so some have long legs, short torso, long arms, short legs. Just a variety of differences that require an individual fitting. It is and can be frustrating to pay the additional cost over the bike and yet the fitting has great value if you log a lot of time and miles each week.

I also like the brands that he has in stock. I am partial to Felt and since I started cycling I have had a Felt in the stable. From the F45 road bike as my first adult bike purchase to the Felt B10 and now the Felt IA 16. But he also currently carries the LOOK brand and my other favorite bike is the LOOK 585 for my road bike. He carries a couple other brands of bikes and has a nice array of equipment and accessories for a small shop and can order about anything. Plus, he did a great job building this bike so he is well rounded in all things bike shop.

2018 Felt IA16 Black Edition 51cm (me: 5'6" with 31" inseam)
Drivetrain: lower end component mix with 11-28 cassette
CALpac 2.0 and BSTpac storage box

Upgrades and Swaps:
Crankset - (Quarq) Riken GXP with 52/36 rings (BB30 to GXP adapter)
Front Brake - (Tririg Omega X)
Saddle - (Cobb Cycling 55 JOF)
XLAB Turbo wing with dual XLAB Gorilla XT cages - (XLAB Turbo Wing , Gorilla XT Cages)
BTA bottle cage and computer mount - (Speedfil Z4)
Aerobar Arm Pads - (Cee Gees Cushy)
Flo 60 Wheels - (Flo Wheels)
Premier Optimized Chain - (Premier)

Links provided for additional detail of the upgrades. You may find some of these items at better pricing with an extensive search.

Future Upgrade:
Drivetrain: SRAM etap

First Ride:
1st Test Ride Post
2nd Test Ride Post

For about a year I thought of upgrading from the 2011 Felt B10. During this time it  waivered on how to approach a new purchase and for most of that time the plan was to start with just a frame purchase and then build up from that point or swap component over from my old bike. It was just about at the last weeks when I decided that maybe the approach for me was to buy the low end of the frame that I wanted, swap some parts from one bike to another and then upgrade the drive train later. Part of this was how I viewed the consignment sale of the old bike. There were other factors like spreading out costs over a period of time rather than just plop down a big figure on a fully decked out bike brand new.

The initial bike fit is a bit more aggressive feeling than my previous bike. It may take a few rides or more to get used to down in aero for longer periods of time. At 54 years old I do not feel like I am ready to go to a comfort bike. I still desire to ride and train in an aggressive position and develop good sustainable power. So I am willing to give this position a try and see if my body is willing to cooperate. Quite a bit of time was spent trying to get the saddle nose angle right and it was challenging for Tiago. It may need more work, but for now I am going to give a try and then decide. The very end of the Cobb 55 seems to angle up slightly. You cannot see it with the eye until you lay a small level on the last couple of inches at the nose. 

I have the BSTpac, which is Felt's name for the draft box loaded for this first ride and I was hoping to put a little more in the box for those long self-supported courses where there is little to no one to help me if things fail on the bike. Currently I have everything put away and it certainly looks overall cleaner than my previous bike. 

In the BSTpac (draft box behind the saddle):
2 - clincher tubes
2 - tire levers
1 - Co2 cartridge

In the CALpac (bento box on the top tube):
2 - Co2 cartridges
1 - mini tool
1 - small pepper spray (because)
2 - gels

4 inch / 101.6mm

5 Inch / 127mm clearance for lid to clear the bottle cage to open

Monday, October 16, 2017

Week 19 PCL Rehab

Each week of strength training I can observe an improvement at the gym and also just in normal daily activities. Just walking has greatly improved to the point there is no observed imbalances or stability issues. Now and then I can feel the PCL give just a little, but it is rare. On the bike I have not noticed any issues. I feel pretty good for how my strength is coming back, but my endurance and cycling performance is still lagging behind and has been very slow to return to what it was prior to the crash.

 On week 15 I did a test at 630 x 5 and missed the goal by one rep. Today I met this goal  with 630 x 6 and wanted to progress on up in weight.

So I thought I would give a try with 16 plates. This was quite intimidating and I failed mostly out of fear and ended up with a 720 x 1. I will continue to work with a bit lighter weight until I feel fairly confident that my knee is stable enough. At 54 years old I am also a bit nervous of a muscle strain.


As mentioned on previous rehab post I could do Hack Squats with full range of motion. My knee has improved a bit each time I stretch that depth.

Squats are my trouble area for the knee. Although this morning it was feeling better there is still the wrong type of discomfort and I decided to stay light using the Smith Machine. I am also using the Smith Machine because I can unlock the bar without having to take a step back out of a squat rack. I am too nervous to step out of the rack with not feeling fully confident that my knee can remain stable.