Sunday, July 15, 2012

Xlab Mini Bag

The question most consumers like me have when viewing items like this based on web photos is, "how much can I really stuff into that bag?"

Out of fear for not having enough room I purchased the Xlab Tire Bag. Being that I have mounted the CO2 cartridges and the valve on the frame I did not need as much room in the bag. What I carry with me on long training routes in the bag are an extra tube with a 60mm valve stem, cash, tire levers, mini tool and antiseptic wipe just in case something bad happens if my skin meets pavement.With the items listed it is a tight fit and I can't see getting any other items into the mini bag. The Xlab tire bag has enough room to stuff quite a few more items like air cartridges and a few more small items.

The mini bag can be mounted like most bags using the saddle rails, under the Xlab wing mount or stuffed into the center of the wing mount (some call that the cargo area).

This is the larger Xlab Tire Bag mounted below the wing. The mini can be mounted below or stuffed in the area between the bottles. It does give a much more compact and aero look compared to the larger tire bag.
These are the items I was able to fit into the mini bag (top bag) and a comparison view to the tire bag.

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