Saturday, December 20, 2014

Quarq ELSA - Install and Initial Test

Quarq ELSA installed and setup this morning

Garmin Edge 800 reading the Quarq ELSA and the Edge 500 reading the PowerTap G3
Quarq ELSA compared with Wahoo Kickr - 15 Minute Segment (click to enlarge)
Quarq ELSA compared with PowerTap G3 on eMotion Rollers - 10 Minute Segment (click to enlarge)

Since it rained through the night and with cool temperatures I was more motivated to install and setup a new Quarq ELSA and then give it a quick test. The install would have been fairly quick, but the old bottom bracket had been on for a while so it was a little tough to break both sides loose and then a little more time cleaning up the frame and threads.

Once installed it did not pair up with Garmin 800 because the battery that came with it was dead. Not a problem though since I had several spare CR2032's. It was also time to change the 2032 in the PowerTap hub as well.

The first test was just putting some time on the crank set. I am not sure about this, but I have read several times that a new Quarq needs a few rides before it settles in. So for now this test was just to get it up and running and see how close or far off it is to my other power meters.

In the initial test against the Kickr, the ELSA as about 13 watts lower. The Quarq Cinqo tests about 11 watts lower then the Kickr. In the comparison against the PowerTap G3 it was 4 watts higher.

All of the tests were fairly crude comparisons. The main goal of this morning was just getting the ELSA and GXP bottom bracket installed on the Cannondale.

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