Thursday, October 2, 2014

XLAB Options

XLAB:   Options to help extend the miles                                        

 Even though I love training and improving performance the one thing I am not going to drop is a fondness for cycling in a recreational manner. It works well in my training structure to have a long endurance (L2) type ride on most Saturdays. On these rides I am typically solo and venture out on routes that are self-supported. It is during the hottest months that I find a need for a third bottle. I can usually do these 80+ mile routes in the cooler months with just two bottles and use the Mini Cage Pod.

By added the behind the seat bottle cage mount I needed to find an option to carry a few more items that I cannot stuff into my already over stuffed jersey pockets. The following items from XLAB are what I plan to use to roll those longer distances and keep it a little sleeker.

The two pockets will be used a bit different than their intended use, which were intended to be mounted behind the headset. In this case I am inverting the pockets and using them behind the seat post to fit under the bottle mount. I tried a couple other bags, but none would fit.
  • Delta 100 Bottle Seat Rail Mount
  • Gorilla XT Bottle Cage 
  • Mini Cage Pod
  • Stealth Pocket 100
  • Rocket Pocket XL
Just a note about the pictures that I have not decided the arrangement and use of the pockets so the Velcro straps have not been cut to reduce the overlap. Once I decide which bag to use behind the seat I will cut the straps.

Mini Cage Pod - Inside holds 2 air cartridges, 2 tire tools, mini tool, tube with 60mm valve. This setup works fine for shorter routes where a third bottle is not needed.

Rocket Pocket XL on seat post and Stealth Pocket 100 up front

XLAB Rocket Pocket XL - Intended for the top tube, but this works on the seat post as well if a rear bottle mount is used. Most typical seat bags will not work with the rear bottle mount.

Stealth Pocket 100

Once I cut the straps the bag is just about hidden behind the seat post. This is the case for both the Rocket Pocket XL and the Stealth Pocket

Stealth Pocket typically used on the top tube, but in this case it inverted and used behind the seat post as a replacement to a typical seat bag

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