Saturday, July 31, 2010

Brewery to Crane Eater Road

Garmin Connect Ride Data Link
Garmin Ride Summary:
Distance: 57.42 mi
Elevation Gain: 2,475 ft
Moving Time: 03:33:39
Avg Speed: 16.1 mph
Max Speed: 36.2 mph

Group: Derek, Nancy, Rod, Elizabeth, Joe, me and special guest Alan Ezzell.

The Ride: Seven of us rolled out of the brewery headed once again toward Redbud area and selected 60 mile route that I had stored in the 705. My goal today was like most of late was to enjoy a group ride, but try to stay within my zones. Early in the ride I was seeing some spikes near 400 watts, but the group soon settled down a little and with flatter roads my numbers were staying within an acceptable range. Training more consistently during the week and preparing for following solo training rides like tomorrow have changed the appearance of my group rides. Lately I am not even trying to hang with the group on the second half and really curbing it back to have more for those solo training events.

On the second half of today's ride and after the store stop I told the group that I would be dropping off and to go ahead. Alan stayed back with me as he also is preparing for his next few days and was on a rest week. I enjoyed having Alan ride back with me on those remaining miles and we both used our power meters to gauge effort, although he may have been riding below range to ride at my pace. Either way it was good to have his company and I got to learn more from his perspective of using and training with a power meter. So even though it started getting hot on those last miles it was another great day to be out on the bike with cycling friends.

Nutrition Intake During and after the Course: (1/2) 24 oz. bottle of water with Hammer Heed, (1/2) 24 oz. bottle of water with Hammer Perpetuem, (1) Cliff bar (2) Hammer gels (1) 20 gram Whey protein post ride recovery drink

The Weather:  Partly cloudy, 92 (feels like 102 according the Weather Channel), humidity 55%, 8 mph winds from the NW.

Bike: LOOK 585

Power Data
 Entire workout (112 watts):
    Duration:      3:34:52 (3:56:04)
    Work:          1433 kJ
    TSS:           210.7 (intensity factor 0.775)
    Norm Power:    147
    VI:            1.31
    Distance:      57.524 mi
        Min    Max    Avg
    Power:           0    611    112     watts
    Cadence:         29    209    80     rpm
    Speed:           0    36.8    16.1     mph
    Pace             1:38    0:00    3:44     min/mi
    Hub Torque:      0    361    53     lb-in
    Crank Torque:    0    920    125     lb-in


Friday, July 30, 2010

Hiding Powertap Wiring Harness

The following pictures are my method of hiding the wired version of the Powertap using Gaffer's tape (available in various colors). The only issue I really had was the excess wire that I coiled around the frame near the rear brake. What I like about the Gaffer's tape is it will not leave a sticky residue if removed and it forms nicely around the wire and adheres well to the frame.

You can see the tape in the pictures because my purpose was to show how I routed and used the tape, but I have had other cyclist riding next to me ask why I don't just use my Garmin 705 as the Powertap cpu. They had assumed that my Powertap hub was a wireless version.

So if you want to get the lower end wired PT hub, but you hate wires maybe this method will work for you if you can match the tape color to your frame color, but even if it is a little different color the tape is still hard to see routed under the frame tubes.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sunrise Solo Ride

Garmin Connect Ride Data

Garmin Ride Summary:
Distance:26.27 mi
Elevation Gain: 1,119 ft
Moving Time: 01:28:44
Avg Speed: 17.7 mph
Max Speed: 36.7 mph

Group: Solo

The Ride: I started at 7 am as a solo ride because today is our wedding anniversary weekend to spend time together, but I did get out for a quick ride on the old marked 26 mile BBC route. I pushed a moderate pace and was driving home by 8:45 so I would not get in trouble. :-)

Very nice to go out this old route again and would like to make this a more regular route on my short solo training rides. My speed is still not up to what it was when I compare this data to the last recorded event, which was back in 2007 when Edgar got his Cervelo. Our speed that day was an average 18.7, but with Edgar excited about pushing that new bike and me drafting the speed was better that day.

Nutrition Intake During and after the Course: (1) 24 oz. bottle of water with Hammer Heed, (1) 24 oz. bottle of water with Hammer Perpetuem, (1) Cliff bar

The Weather: Cloudy, 84 (feels like 91 according the Weather Channel), humidity 75%, 1 mph winds from the ENE.

Bike: LOOK 585

Power Data:
 Entire workout (121 watts):
    Duration:      1:30:47 (1:31:17)
    Work:          648 kJ
    TSS:           94.8 (intensity factor 0.802)
    Norm Power:    152
    VI:            1.26
    Distance:      26.293 mi
        Min    Max    Avg
    Power:           0    418    121     watts
    Cadence:         29    188    80     rpm
    Speed:           0    36    17.3     mph
    Pace             1:40    0:00    3:29     min/mi
    Hub Torque:      0    347    52     lb-in
    Crank Torque:    0    889    131     lb-in

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Brewery to Salcoa - 60 Miles

Garmin Connect Ride Data

Garmin Ride Summary:
Distance: 59.57 mi
Elevation Gain: 3,104 ft
Moving Time: 03:37:30
Avg Speed: 16.4 mph
Max Speed: 37.6 mph

Group: Diane, Gary, Mike, Derek, Tim, Jack, Edgar, Alan, me and Steve,Steve's friend on a recumbent were with us a few miles.

The Ride: We did not have a preplanned route in the gps or cue sheet for this ride, but with the news that Slate Mine Road (tire eater road) was just paved that opened the door for a route out to Salacoa Valley and some of the roads near Fairmont. My goal was to hang on the group as long as possible, but also keep my intensity level a little restrained so I can continue to train in the next few days. Plus my legs were reminding me of the intervals they just endured over the past days as well, but still I had a great cycling day with my cycling buddies.

Jack and Edgar were back with us and it was a delight to have Diane's company as she had been traveling for the past few weeks as well. Tim, Alan and Mike kept the ride a spirited as they normally do and Mike has been riding really strong lately. Gary keeping it spirited on the climbs. Alan and Diane did a great job doing the route on the fly and we ended with just the amount of miles I was hoping. Plus, the rain held off during our ride and poured on the drive home.

The route has some nice climbing challenges that kept my overall speed down, but I had a few good sections to open it up a bit. However, I tried to keep it down and a few miles from the end I dropped off the back to ride a very subdue pace. Still have some training to do tomorrow if it doesn't rain.

Nutrition Intake During and after the Course: (1) 24 oz. bottle of water with Hammer Heed, (1) 24 oz. bottle of water with Hammer Perpetuem, (1) Cliff bar

The Weather: Cloudy, 78 (feels like 81 according the Weather Channel), humidity 82%, 6 mph winds from the WSW.

Bike: Cannondale six13

Power Data
 Entire workout (119 watts):
    Duration:      3:36:05 (3:51:43)
    Work:          1527 kJ
    TSS:           254 (intensity factor 0.843)
    Norm Power:    160
    VI:            1.35
    Distance:      58.7 mi (Forgot to wake up the computer after the store stop)
        Min    Max    Avg
    Power:           0    660    119     watts
    Cadence:         29    215    80     rpm
    Speed:           2.4    38.2    16.4     mph
    Pace             1:34    25:25    3:39     min/mi
    Hub Torque:      0    423    58     lb-in
    Crank Torque:    0    709    130     lb-in

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Gloria McAvoy for enduring a serious crash this past week and will be recovering from shoulder surgery.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Brewery to Adairsville to Kingston II

Garmin Connect Ride Data

Garmin Ride Summary:
Distance: 60.91 mi
Elevation Gain: 3,021 ft
Moving Time: 03:33:54
Avg Speed: 17.0 mph
Max Speed: 36.2 mph

Group: Gary, Mike, Peter, Tim, Steve, Pat and me

The Ride: Seven of us headed out from the brewery at 7:30 this morning looking forward to repeating the same route we did this past Monday as created by Derek. The route has to be one of my top favorites now and from what I could tell from the other guys it was for them as well. Over the course of 60 miles there are plenty of near flat roads for good fast pace lines, combined with some short challenging rollers and Boyd Mountain Road, which is a short climb that will get your attention. Steve and Pat were with us until we were close to Trimble Hollow and then split off to head back. On Trimble Hollow we were chasing Gary and Tim on the downhill portions and thankfully not long after we made our store stop in Adairsville.

The best stretch of road on this route, in my opinion, is on Wayside Road. It is a great area for a strong pace line and fast speeds. Each of us took a turn on this stretch and with Gary and Mike on the front with their turns we hit 30 mph on the flat sections. Tim was also up there turning up the heat and I got in my turn as well.

Unlike the Monday ride we opted not to stop in Kingston. While on our way back on Hwy. 293, Tim split from us and the remaining four of us were now on our way back to the brewery. With Gary riding strong this year he made sure our pace did not drop too much. Once we were back on Busch Drive, Mike did his Spartacus impression pulling us up to the mid 20's and we even hit 30 at one point during his strong pull.

A very good day out on the bike. My legs and conditioning feel as if they are starting to make a comeback so I was very pleased on how I felt and performed on this ride today with a bunch of strong cyclists on a challenging course.

Nutrition Intake During and after the Course: (1) 24 oz. bottle of water with Hammer Heed, (1) 24 oz. bottle of water with Hammer Perpetuem, (1) Cliff bar, (1) Hammer gel

The Weather: Cloudy, 85 (feels like 90 according the Weather Channel), humidity 62%, 6 mph winds from the NNW.

Bike: Cannondale six13

PowerTap Data:
 Entire workout (122 watts):
    Duration:      3:35:33 (3:54:13)
    Work:          1563 kJ
    TSS:           270.5 (intensity factor 0.871)
    Norm Power:    166
    VI:            1.36
    Distance:      60.96 mi
        Min    Max    Avg
    Power:           0    767    122     watts
    Cadence:         32    222    81     rpm
    Speed:           0    36.7    17.1     mph
    Pace             1:38    0:00    3:31     min/mi
    Hub Torque:      0    386    57     lb-in
    Crank Torque:    0    875    132     lb-in

As a side note: I missed training most of this week doing indoor intervals. I went up to Kentucky on Tuesday, attended my grandmother's funeral on Wednesday and returned on Thursday. It was a blessing to spend time with my family. 

Monday, July 5, 2010

Brewery to Adairsville to Kingston

Garmin Connect Ride Data

Garmin Ride Summary:
Distance: 61.37 mi
Elevation Gain: 3,136 ft
Moving Time: 03:43:15
Avg Speed: 16.4 mph
Max Speed: 33.2 mph

Group: Kit, Keith, Derek, Gary, Glenn, Neal and me

The Ride: Derek led us out on a another great route toward Adairsville and Kingston. The route went directly north to Trimble Hollow and crossed I-75 and then down to Adairsville. From there we climbed Boyd Mountain and worked our way toward Kingston with some great fast stretches of roadway. Although our average speed indicates a low overall we did have some very spirited sections and fast pace lines along with some hill sprints. My intentions were not hammer, but with me missing my threshold intervals this week, I decided to go ahead and join the spirited sessions and I felt pretty good that I was able to hang on for the most part. There were a few times the group backed off and I was very grateful because at those key moments I was about to fall off the back, but their timing to ease the pace really worked out for me. I am pretty happy about the day being able to finish with the group.

Nutrition Intake During and after the Course: (2) 24 oz. bottle of water with coconut water, and Hammer Heed, (1) Cliff bar

The Weather: Cloudy, 85 (feels like 85 according the Weather Channel), humidity 47%, 6 mph winds from the SE.

Power Data:
 Entire workout (118 watts):
    Duration:      3:43:24 (4:11:56)
    Work:          1572 kJ
    TSS:           283.7 (intensity factor 0.876)
    Norm Power:    166
    VI:            1.41
    Distance:      61.304 mi
        Min    Max    Avg
    Power:           0    888    118     watts
    Cadence:         31    215    83     rpm
    Speed:           0    33.4    16.6     mph
    Pace             1:48    0:00    3:37     min/mi
    Hub Torque:      0    345    56     lb-in
    Crank Torque:    0    851    125     lb-in

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Brewery to Calhoun to Fairmont

Happy 4th of July to all my friends and family!!
May you have a blessed and enjoyable time this weekend.

Garmin Connect Ride Data

Ride Summary:
Distance: 62.18 mi
Elevation Gain: 3,135 ft
Moving Time: 03:48:16
Avg Speed: 16.2 mph
Max Speed: 34.5 mph

The Group: Jamie, Peter, Derek, Claire, Doug, Mike, Gary, Nancy and me

The Ride: After four weeks of virtually the same route out to Redbud I wanted a little change of scenery so I selected a route and modified it a bit to fit something different. We were still going to be on some of the same roads, but riding out there it is difficult to come up with different variations. I heard some good feedback concerning the route, which is good and I certainly enjoyed it. The route was fairly flat to low rolling hills and my goal upfront was to stay at a certain level or in other words not go so hard that I would end up in a recovery hole that I would struggle to get out of. Peter had just returned from a week of hard riding on Bike Virginia, but he along with everyone else looked to be riding strong today or at least from my vantage point. Pretty much everyone spent a turn or two up front pulling the group so there was good group effort from everyone.

The biggest entertainment of the day, since she turned out to be safe, was Jamie's short but epic battle against a border collie mix that brought Jamie up to sprint speed trying to shake the pesky canine. The rest of us got to watch safely a few feet behind as Jamie took one for the team. Also kudos to Jamie for a long awaited step forward using her Garmin Edge 705. Way to go and way to shake that pesky dog.

Our pace for the most part was moderate and we did a good job staying together, but on a few occasions were stretched out. Unfortunately my route overlapped the Georgia Cup Time Trial for a few miles. Who knew that there would be a time trial out in the middle of nowhere? I hated that we may have been in their way, but I suppose it turned out okay. We did our best as a group to stay single file and close to the white line as each individual passed us.

After the store stop in Fairmont and four mile stint on Highway 53, the group picked up the pace a little bit and was pulling me out of an intended zone so at near mile 50 I dropped off the back of the group and finished the remaining miles at a very subdue pace, but with the hills I still was hitting 85% of my functional threshold. I guess the 0.82 intesity factor below feels about right for the day and the other thing was I was just plain sleepy today. I felt physically fine, but driving home was a struggle and once inside the house I dropped my gear, laid down and immediately fell asleep. I did not stay asleep long, but when I woke I felt as if I could go another 8 hours of sleep and still feel that way at the moment.

To those in the group please know that my dropping off the back was intentional and I was completely fine riding the remaining miles solo. I had planned before the ride to stay in my training zones. Plus the threshold intervals on Thursday wore me out and I was tired today.

The Weather: Cloudy, 82 (feels like 83 according the Weather Channel), 7 mph winds from the E.

Nutrition Intake During and after the Course: (1) 24 oz. bottle of water with glutamine, BCAA's, and Hammer Heed, (1) 24 oz. bottle of water with Hammer Perpetuem (1) Cliff bar, (2) Hammer gel

 Power Data:
 Entire workout (119 watts):
    Duration:      3:52:53 (4:17:47)
    Work:          1646 kJ
    TSS:           263.2 (intensity factor 0.828)
    Norm Power:    157
    VI:            1.32
    Distance:      62.605 mi
        Min    Max    Avg
    Power:           0    820    119     watts
    Cadence:         29    244    78     rpm
    Speed:           2.3    35    16.3     mph
    Pace             1:43    26:06    3:41     min/mi
    Hub Torque:      0    385    57     lb-in
    Crank Torque:    0    866    135     lb-in

I recently did my FT test at probably my lowest fitness point of this season due to work and vacation interfering with training. So my FT in WKO is currently set very low and as a result until my fitness level picks up my data looks like my casual group ride is a race. My fitness level may be coming back quickly so these numbers may appear to be skewed. I will stick with the FT number for a few more weeks, but then I may need to retest sooner than I had hoped. The ride today did not feel near as hard as 0.9 IF as indicated below for 60 minutes or 0.82 If for the duration. There were no data drops today using my back up bike (Cannondale six13) so the wiring harness on the LOOK needs some attention.

Peak 60min (135 watts):
    Duration:      1:00:29 (1:11:57)
    Work:          487 kJ
    TSS:           82.5 (intensity factor 0.908)
    Norm Power:    173
    VI:            1.28
    Distance:      18.244 mi
        Min    Max    Avg
    Power:           0    568    135     watts
    Cadence:         33    188    83     rpm
    Speed:           2.3    35    18.2     mph
    Pace             1:43    26:06    3:18     min/mi
    Hub Torque:      0    344    57     lb-in
    Crank Torque:    0    605    144     lb-in

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Garmin Edge 705 - Route Upload

This is just a quick pictorial view on how to upload a route to the Edge 705.
There are a few different ways and I have listed a couple basic methods.

The first is a simple drag and drop method using Windows Explorer.

In this example I am downloading a route previously created at

 Under the Route Menu select
Save to Garmin CRS

Save to a TCX file

Drag and drop the downloaded file into the Course folder located on the Garmin unit

The file is now in the Courses folder

Unplug the Garmin and turn it on to check the data (sometimes the data can be corrupted and you will want to check before going out on the ride to make sure the map appears to be correct.)

Use the Menu button to scroll to the menu
Select Training with the enter button 
Select Courses
Select the course you want to check
Select Map
Map appears to be correct - Ready to Ride!

The other method that I will highlight is using the Garmin Training Center
Open the Garmin Training Center (Download here if you do not have it)

Under the File pull down menu select Import > Courses
Browse to the locatioin of the downloaded file and select to open
Select file to send and select the Send to Device icon

Once the file has been sent to the device follow the steps to check to data within the device.

Two very simple methods of sending course data to your Edge

I have been asked why I do not use the Garmin Navigation mode and it is my preference to use a course than to navigate a route with the device indicating turns. Just personal preference is all.