Saturday, November 19, 2011

Giordana Silverline Bib Tights with Pad

During the season changes one of the hardest decisions is what to wear. It doesn't matter if it is a new rider or a veteran of many years I can hear several comments or questions about the weather and about what a person intends to wear on the ride. When you have a day that starts in the 30's and warms up into the 50's or higher you certainly want to have layers on that can be removed as the body's core temperature and the day's temperature rises. The more years I ride the more refined my technical gear becomes. My gear bag during the fall and spring is full of options based on weather conditions. However, I felt as if I needed another addition with some mid weight bib tights. Something between wearing shorts with leg warmers and the Pearl Izumi Amfib bib tights that are for really cold days with cold winds. The Amfib tights are a thicker material with a wind front that to be honest seem to be restrictive to me, but again very good for very cold days.

With a lot of options for bib tights out there I did some web research and still could not decide so I rolled the dice and selected the Giordana Silverline Bib Tights with Pad. I wanted something that felt less restrictive and had a pad so that I did not have to double up and wear bib shorts underneath. I had the perfect weather to do my test as these bib tights are rated for weather in the 40's and 50's degree Fahrenheit and today's ride started in the low 40's. One of the general rules to selecting clothing for colder weather is to start the ride feeling cold because it will not take long before the body's core warms up and there is potential to get over heated and sweat heavily. I generally follow this rule and start my rides with the feeling of being uncomfortably cold. Sometimes to the point where I am almost shivering. A good many of my veteran friends prefer to dress warmer. Selecting clothing is a personal preference and what I can say as a review may be meaningless to the next person.

What I had hoped about the Giordana Bibs would be a mid weight material. The material is Super Roubaix, which is a light fleece-backed Lycra and it felt to me like it lightly hugged my legs and yet was not restrictive. They actually felt less restrictive than my favorite Desoto bib shorts combined with leg warmers. These particular line of bibs does not have a wind protection front and at these temperatures I want the cool air to slightly penetrate the fabric and cool my legs. During the ride with a cool winds in low 40 degree F temperature the amount of air that was able to pass through the fabric was almost perfect to me.

At times during the ride where a quick out of the saddle sprint up a hill there was no sensation of feeling restricted by the material like I have experienced with other bib tights. The pad that is used in this line is the OmniForm MC-3-O.F., which I have no idea what all that means other than does it work for me or not. The pad is thinner than my preferred "400 Mile" pad in my favorite Desoto shorts. I must have a more sensitive undercarriage than most because I cannot seem to adapt to the rigors of longer distance cycling and minimal pads. However, the pad held up okay for me on today's 60 mile course. I am not sure if it would be sufficient for me on a century, but I typically keep my miles shorter in the colder months anyway. Overall the fit and feel is excellent in the weather range between the 40'

Conclusion: I give these bib tights very high marks. Out of a 5 star high I would give them 4.75.

  • Giordana Silverline Bib Tights
  • OmniForm MC-3-O.F. pad (can be ordered without a pad)
  • Super Roubaix
  • Ankle zippers
  • Reflective highlights
  • Recommended for 40's and 50's degree Fahrenheit range (I could go into the 30's with these)

Lastly I purchased these bib tights from Classic Cycling in Harrisburg, North Carolina. This was my first order from this online reseller. I selected "free shipping" method and was not sure they would arrive in time for a review this weekend so I sent an email and the response was fast and friendly. The package was already underway and arrived on time. They have a nice selection of high quality cycling apparel and gear with good prices.


Andrew said...

Thanks for that review

The Cycling Addiction said...

Thanks Andrew for the feedback. These Giordana's have continued to be my favorites.