Friday, November 21, 2008

Cold Rain & High Winds

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Only 4 out of our regular group showed up to ride on this cold, windy and rainy day. Before we started the ride the forecast was 25+ mph winds, cooling temps and clearing rain. When Gary and me met Derek and Keith at the Budweiser Plant the air was cold, damp and breezy, but after a few miles and gusty winds the rain also started up again. We forged ahead pushing against the wind. At the end of this tough ride the average speed was lower than our usual, but I could immediately feel the effort as muscle soreness set in on the ride home and for the next day.

Did we do this to help toughen up mentally or is it that we just hate sitting on the trainer? I thought maybe I was tougher than the absent group members, but I think I will go to great lengths to avoid the trainer when possible. I suppose if I were a tough athlete I may embrace the discomfort of the trainer more.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

3 State Falls Colors Ride

Just a few of the crew (L to R: Gary, Chick, Corrine, me & Derek)

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Motion Based Ride Data

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This ride starting from the old train depot in Mineral Bluff, Georgia goes into North Carolina into Tennessee and back to Mineral Bluff was no doubt one of the best rides I have done all year. It was an opportunity to do a somewhat scenic ride with less attention to my normal high intensity style of riding. Flat sections were extremely rare. We were either climbing or descending and when we found the rare near flat section we did have a few fun bouts of racing each other. We had at least 12+ riders and everyone was able to hold their own and no one really dropped off the back. We pretty much kept the pace somewhat casual until the end a few of us did separate with a little faster pace.

With the substantial rolling hills, small mountain climbs (Candy Mountain & Pack Mountain) and a couple steep short climbs we racked up about 6,000 feet of climbing. The traffic in general was low and we did keep a single file line during a couple of longer highway sections. As we entered into North Carolina the leaves on the trees were just what we had hoped. They were changing color and it made the 1 1/2 hour drive up well worth the trip and the cold start. As the weather warmed up from the frigid early morning temperature to a very nice 70 degrees it just made the day that much better. At one point Derek and I agreed that this was the kind of day and the kind of ride you just didn't want to end. I could have stayed on some of those back roads a few more hours.

A great day on the bike, awesome route and a great day to share with friends.