Monday, October 6, 2014

Sportful Hot Pack Ultra Vest

Sportful Hot Pack Ultra Vest

I looked around for a very lightweight (very packable) vest that would take up the least amount of space in one of the rear jersey pockets for use during those transition weeks where the temperature is a cool start, but then warms up. Another situation that comes up in a chilly long descent.

Although this is a pricey vest it is worth it to me to get something that will help block the wind for temporary situations and then I can store it for the remainder of the ride. Most of the lightweight vests that appeared to be packable like this were in the same price range, which is close to $100 US. I ordered this vest from Competitive Cyclist.

When you feel this material in your hands it seems super fragile, but I think with being careful it should last a few seasons of selective use. I have a heavier Pearl Izumi vest for situations where I need a wind block for the full duration of the ride and the need to pack is not as crucial and of course the next step in chilly weather I just use a soft shell form fitting jacket (more like a jersey) with wind front and the chest and sleeves.

For fit the sizing chart worked for me. I am a stocky build at 5'6" and ordered a medium. It is tight enough over my winter cycling jersey and yet not so tight that I am limited in motion. Wind flap should be minimal compared to my other vest and wind shells.

39 grams claimed weight

Weight on a certified scale rounds up to 39 grams.

Silver in color and bit transparent with metal zipper. Light mesh on sides.

Small rear pocket big enough for iPhone 5 or equivalent sized objects

Reflective trim around the rear pocket and near the collar

Very packable and will save some rear jersey pocket real estate for other necessities

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