Sunday, March 27, 2016

XLAB Torpedo Kompact 100


At first glance I like the simplicity of the mount and it took just a couple minutes for me to mount and most of that time was for placement. I looked at backward, forward and shifted it up and back just to get an idea of where I wanted the mount before tightening down everything with a 3mm long Allen wrench and cinch straps. The half saddle mount kind of snapped down on the bars and that alone seemed snug. 

At this point I need to get out for a long ride, but just a quick test up the street was enough to see that it was easy to pull the bottle toward the front and yet snug. I was not sure before ordering if using my 26 oz Specialized Purist bottles would be a problem since it came with a 20 oz. bottle designed for the cage (see below updates), but the notches on both are standard and the 26 oz. bottle works fine. The base place has slide adjustment to expand for various bar widths and the compact plate allows more flexibility to move forward or back. Or at least it has greater flexibility than what I was using. 

Getting a BTA (Between The Arm) bottle mount with the ability to view the Garmin Edge has been evolving for me starting from a homemade mount to the Kompact 100. I don't have a proper scale at home and based on feel it feels slightly heavier than the Z4, but not by much. The computer mount also sticks up above my arms compared to the Z4, but this is all part of having the ability to shift the mount and let me turn the bottle forward. I hope this one will be it. I hope no more rattles and one thing is for sure my mechanic will be happier that any dripping will be on the tire or road rather than on the headset. 

Update 7/1/16: XLAB sent me a replacement computer mount ring to see if it would reduce the tight pull using a Specialized Purist bottle. I could not really see much of a difference by eye between the two rings, but the end result was an improved performance. This trial was with the bottle valve pointed backward toward me while standing off the bike (not riding). The perceived effort to pull the bottle out seemed to be improved from the original ring (both tested in the same manner). Kudos to XLAB for listening to customer concerns. They continue to impress me with their products and customer service. Now I just need to get some miles in tomorrow and check it out during a ride. 

Required tools: 5/8" socket, 2.5 and 3 Allen wrench

Update 4/24/16: The bottle is tight in the cage and difficult to pull out. This was using Specialized Purist bottles with a backward pull. I needed to give a firm tug while twisting slightly to get it to break loose from the cage.  

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