Saturday, September 26, 2015

Quarq Riken Upgrade

Quarq Customer Service:

It was a bummer to have some trouble with my Quarq Cinqo and I think moisture may have found its way in and did some damage. I tried all that I could, but with no luck so I called Quarq and talked about some options with the technician. The next day I spoke on the phone with Alex at Quarq about those options and he set up a RMA.

Beside shipping that took about 3 days to get there and about 3 days to come back the turnaround at Quarq to upgrade the Cinqo to a Riken was the same day they received it and sent back to me that day. It's not a hard job to swap out the components, but it is another thing to do it the same day it comes in rather than let it sit on a shelf for a few days. 

I would rate their customer service as excellent. They were helpful in answering questions, courteous and responsive.

Mounted and tested:

The Quarq Riken replaces the Cinqo on the Felt B10. Since it was raining the test was indoor for an hour on E-Motion rollers. The power meter synced with TR just fine and appears to be precise. What I like about the Riken is no need for a magnet with the built in accelerometer, IPX water resistance, uses a batter common to the other power meters and sensors that I use and temperature compensation. The Cinqo was a trusty power meter, but these will be some handy upgrades.

Despite what happened with the Cinqo I am pretty happy with Quarq power meters. The Felt B10 has the Quarq Riken, the Cannodale six 13 has a fairly new Quarq ELSA and the LOOK 585 has a PowerTap G3. 

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