Saturday, January 26, 2013

Brewery 50 - Easy Paced Winter Group Ride

Distance: 50.3 miles
Avg. Moving Speed:  15.4 mph
Moving Time: 3:14:08
Total Time:  3:27:40
Ride Total TSS: 156( 0.69 IF)
Jamie, Peter, Mike and me
Group ride at winter pace
Ride Description:
The conditions looked rough with darker skies, damp pavement and very cold breeze. Before we rolled out we were all in the same frame of mind thinking that 50 miles was enough for the day and I have to say that even at the end of the ride I was content that we all decided not to stretch out the miles or extend our time. For most of the ride I simply could not get warm enough even though the temperature was warmer than last weekend. It was probably the moisture in the air, the breeze and the fact the sun was buried behind thick dark clouds.

What was nice is that we were all content on a similar easy going pace. We kept the pedals spinning and only stopped briefly at the Sunoco store. This helped us to not get as chilled even though at times it felt like the air was making through my Pearl Izumi wind front jersey. Toward the last miles the sun was finally peaking out from the clouds and it was starting to warm up just as we were finishing. Anyway it was a good day to be out with friends sharing some roadway for a few hours.

Edit:  I had to make corrections to a few grammar and typos following a 2 hour power nap. Wow! I was worn out. Probably not so much from the ride, but more from my training schedule the past several weeks. I feel much better now and ready to keep it rolling.
Nutrition Intake During and after the Course:
24 oz from Bottle #1 water, Glutamine
Cliff Bar @ mile 30
Post Ride | 30 gram protein drink
Burger King | Hamburger, water
LOOK 585, Garmin 800, Powertap SL+
Overall Powertap Data: 
Entire workout (116 watts):
    Duration:      3:16:35 (3:27:40)
    Work:          1368 kJ
    TSS:           156.7 (intensity factor 0.692)
    Norm Power:    152
    VI:            1.31
    Distance:      50.377 mi
        Min    Max    Avg
    Power:           0    706    116     watts
    Cadence:         7    246    78     rpm
    Speed:           0    34.4    15.4     mph
    Pace             1:45    0:00    3:54     min/mi
    Crank Torque:    0    1489    137     lb-in
    Temperature:     33.8    53.6    40.4     Fahrenheit

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Comet - TT Bike Session

Distance: 35.9 miles
Avg. Moving Speed:  18.8
Moving Time: 1:54:36
Total Time:  1:58:39
Ride Total TSS: 110 (0.76 IF)
First time back in aero position on the TT bike for 2013. Goal was to get close to 120 TSS.
Ride Description:
First day back on the TT bike for 2013 and I was loving it. Of course another warm day in January with temperatures rising into the low 60's F. It was nice to have summer wear with arm warmers and I probably did not need those, but it was a little cool under the shady canopy of the trees.

I felt like I could comfortably stay down in the aero position. My neck was not causing any vision issues with holding my head and neck up. The only thing that I could pick apart was my separated left should felt like it was a little tender from hitting some rigid bumps in the pavement, but nothing very painful.

Amazingly my legs felt so much better today and that is saying something compared to how they have felt all last week and then how I struggled yesterday on the 82 mile route. I am very glad that I could get out today. It was pleasant weather wise and encouraging to have a good day on the bike.
Nutrition Intake During and after the Course:
15 oz from Bottle #1 water, Glutamine, maltodextrin
Hammer gel @ mile 18
Post Ride | 30 gram protein drink, Larabar
Home | grilled chicken breast & veggies
Felt B10, Garmin 800, Quarq Cinco Power meter, Flo 60 Wheels
Overall Powertap Data: 
 Lap 1:
    Duration:      1:00:06
    Work:          600 kJ
    TSS:           63.1 (intensity factor 0.808)
    Norm Power:    178
    VI:            1.05
    Distance:      17.819 mi
        Min    Max    Avg
    Power:           0    448    170     watts
    Cadence:         8    91    75     rpm
    Speed:           0    24.7    14.6     mph
    Pace             2:26    0:00    4:07     min/mi
    Crank Torque:    0    1436    196     lb-in

Lap 2:
    Duration:      56:12
    Work:          492 kJ
    TSS:           46.1 (intensity factor 0.721)
    Norm Power:    159
    VI:            1.05
    Distance:      17.989 mi
        Min    Max    Avg
    Power:           0    435    150     watts
    Cadence:         12    93    70     rpm
    Speed:           0    26.3    17.8     mph
    Pace             2:17    0:00    3:22     min/mi
    Crank Torque:    0    1549    184     lb-in
    Temperature:     55.4    57.2    55.7     Fahrenheit

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Brewery to Chatsworth

Gary and Mike ready to get it rolling

A few of the group waiting in the cold for a flat tire to be changed

Distance: 82.6 miles
Avg. Moving Speed:  15.9
Moving Time: 5:11:00
Total Time:  5:36:24
Ride Total TSS: 245 (0.66 IF)
Mike, Gary, Keith, Peter, Neal, Glenn, Diane, Nancy, Joe, Elizabeth, Susan, Matt, Craig and me
My personal goal was to keep a steady pace, reduce drafting, coasting, lower intensity and start getting used to being on the saddle for a long time.
Ride Description:
Ride description? Cold at the start
My description? Absolutely worn out before the ride even started

It was nice to see 13 participants ready to take on an 80 mile route with a starting temperature at 26 degrees F. First ride with Diane, Susan, Joe and Elizabeth in a long while, but unfortunately the way things worked out I spent most of my miles riding solo. There was a flat to be changed in the first few miles that left us waiting in the cold and that wasn't so bad, but I started to get concerned about the long route and the need to get home so I rolled on at a little faster pace after we all started again.

My legs really never recovered this past week and I continued to mound more fatigue on them with indoor training. Every pedal stroke and I felt discomfort and fatigue. It was a real struggle to hold any sort of intensity or speed. At about mile 30 Joe caught up with me and we shared the road until the store stop on 411 in Chatsworth. From there he remained to wait on the group and I rolled out solo for the return miles. Wow!.....those were some tough miles with fatigue and just enough headwind to make it all sting just a little more. I was struggling so much that I expected the group to catch up. On Folsom Road, about 10 miles from the finish, I saw a group coming, but could not make out how many. Glenn, Nancy, Peter and Matt caught up with me.

I was thinking there was no way I had anything left in me to hold on, but I did grab hold of the draft on the back of the line and became really encouraged. Yes, my legs were stinging all the more, but was able to hold on to Glenn's solid pace. Just a few more miles and we were on the rolling hills of Spring Place Road. Glenn put a little bit of a gap on us and somehow I was able to dig deep and span the gap. Next thing we were all regrouped and Nancy took the helm pulling the line at another very solid pace.

I was really happy to finish this first long route of 2013 and hope that the next one I will do a bit better. Everyone in the group looked pretty solid for conditioning as far as I could tell. A good first month of the cycling season.
Nutrition Intake During and after the Course:
24 oz from Bottle #1 water, Glutamine, maltodextrin
24 oz from Bottle #2 water, Glutamine, maltodextrin
Hammer gel @ mile 24
Cliff Bar @ mile 45
Post Ride | 30 gram protein drink
Home | Subway sandwich, low fat milk
LOOK 585, Garmin 800, Powertap SL+
Overall Powertap Data: 
Entire workout (126 watts):
    Duration:      5:15:23 (5:36:26)
    Work:          2390 kJ
    TSS:           237.3 (intensity factor 0.673)
    Norm Power:    148
    VI:            1.17
    Distance:      82.577 mi
        Min    Max    Avg
    Power:           0    610    126     watts
    Cadence:         8    212    79     rpm
    Speed:           0    30.8    15.7     mph
    Pace             1:57    0:00    3:49     min/mi
    Crank Torque:    0    1327    144     lb-in
    Temperature:     26.6    55.4    42.5     Fahrenheit

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Salacoa 70 - Group Ride

Distance: 72.6 miles
Avg. Moving Speed:  16.8
Moving Time: 4:18
Total Time:  5:12
Ride Total TSS: 273 (0.79 IF)
12 total: Gary, Mike Q., Peter, Jamie, Nancy, Neal, Glenn, Kit, Matt, Mike, Keith and me
Group ride: hang on the best I can
Ride Description:
The opportunity to ride in summer gear in January was building all week and I was anticipating being out on the bike with friends. It's been well over a year since I rode with many in this group and just seeing them in the parking lot with a quick shake of the hand and a smile before we rolled out at 8 this morning. The roads were very wet with rain passing through the night and tapering off just before this ride.

Unfortunately we lost Gary, Mike and Jamie as most of us turned on Addington Road and headed toward the climbs. At the intersection with Salacoa we waited for a good while with Kit and few others riding back to see if they could find them. Our next thought was that they somehow got ahead of us and it turned out they did as I found out later.

Most of the ride and pace seemed intense with repetitive burst over the rolling hills. I was constantly thinking, "just hold on until the crest" and then a small bit of relief just before the next one hit. We did have a number of stops with flat tires (common when riding on wet roads as the tires pick up grime and small sharp objects) and the intensity was not constant. Somehow I managed to hang on until the finish with 7 of the group.

Training wise I am not sure what to think because there were no steady sustained efforts, but it gave my legs another weekend of tests if they can handle those short hard bursts. Talking to Gary post ride I wished I had turned off and rode with them because my goal before the ride was to go at it with far less intensity and be able to train tomorrow. Plus it was my goal to stick with them today.

Still a great day out on the bike because we all finished safely, I did enjoy riding with the group and we got to wear summer gear in mid winter.

It took me over an hour to clean the bike

Nutrition Intake During and after the Course:
24 oz from Bottle #1 water, Glutamine,BCAA, maltodextrin
15 oz from Bottle #2 water, Glutamine,BCAA, maltodextrin
Hammer gel @ mile 22
Cliff Bar @ mile 32
Cliff Bar @ mile 52
Post Ride | 30 gram protein drink

Home | baked chicken breast and pasta
LOOK 585, Garmin 800, Powertap SL+
Overall Powertap Data: 
Entire workout (126 watts):
    Duration:      4:21:49 (5:12:58)
    Work:          1979 kJ
    TSS:           273.9 (intensity factor 0.794)
    Norm Power:    175
    VI:            1.39
    Distance:      71.582 mi
        Min    Max    Avg
    Power:           0    737    126     watts
    Cadence:         7    246    83     rpm
    Speed:           0    40.2    16.4     mph
    Pace             1:30    0:00    3:39     min/mi
    Crank Torque:    0    1660    139     lb-in
    Temperature:     59    73.4    65.2     Fahrenheit

Saturday, January 5, 2013

DPR61-Winter Pace Group Ride

Distance: 61 miles
Avg. Moving Speed:  15.4 mph
Moving Time: 4:00:24
Total Time: 4:26:53
Ride Total TSS: 266 ( 0.78 IF)
Mike, Gary, Peter, Jamie and me
Enjoy the winter paced group ride
Ride Description:
If this first group ride of the year would be any indication for the remaining cycling days of the year then 2013 is going to be an excellent year because today was fantastic sharing the roads with this group of friends.

We opted for a later start because of the temperatures and we hoped it would warm up to at least the mid 30's F. It still seemed a bit cool as we rolled out at 10 this morning, but I was also excited to be riding with a group of friends and this route is also pretty sweet. I usually like flat roads with a time trial type of steady pace and this route is anything but that. It is a variable terrain route that has some flatter sections, rolling hills and one short steep climb.

The pace was supposed to be an easy going conversation winter paced type of ride and it was for the most part. We all finished together and at time we were a little spread apart, but it was a pretty low stress type of day to just enjoy getting back into the groove for a new cycling season. Even with the easier pace I still managed to rack up 266 TSS with a lot of punchy burst over some of the larger rolling hills and going up Boyd Mountain Road.

Training aside, today was about hanging out with cycling friends to kick off 2013. I was very glad to ride and chat with each during the time on the road.
Nutrition Intake During and after the Course:
24 oz from Bottle #1 water, Glutamine, maltodextrin
Cliff Bar @ mile 22

Hammer gel @ mile 50
Post Ride | 30 gram protein drink
Home | chicken salad sandwich
LOOK 585, Garmin 800, Powertap SL+
Overall Powertap Data: 
Entire workout (119 watts):
    Duration:      4:08:47 (4:26:56)
    Work:          1780 kJ
    TSS:           259.9 (intensity factor 0.793)
    Norm Power:    166
    VI:            1.4
    Distance:      61.541 mi
        Min    Max    Avg
    Power:           0    616    119     watts
    Cadence:         8    246    78     rpm
    Speed:           0    34.9    14.8     mph
    Pace             1:43    0:00    4:03     min/mi
    Crank Torque:    0    1389    142     lb-in
    Temperature:     35.6    48.2    42.7     Fahrenheit

Boyd Mt:
    Duration:      5:19
    Norm Power:    238
    Distance:      0.655 mi
                       Min    Max    Avg
    Power:           89    392    234     watts
    Cadence:         62    113    74     rpm
    Speed:           6    15.4    7.4     mph
    Pace             3:54    10:04    8:07     min/mi