Monday, December 28, 2015

TrainerRoad IOS with Power Meter Control

While I typically use a PC laptop for indoor training with either the Kickr or E-Motion wireless control training, I thought today I would try the IOS TrainerRoad version just to see if all the sensors would pair up like the PC version. I've had all that is needed for the IOS setup, but just never used it. 

Everything paired up just as quickly and within a few seconds I was right into an easy custom workout. Easy because I just got off the road from a six hour drive and helping my wife dismantle the Christmas tree before jumping on the bike. The power meter control worked well as the Quarq led the charge and the Kickr attempted to adjust resistance to my ragged masher type cadence. At the end of the workout it all matched up pretty good to the data recorded directly from the Quarq to the Garmin 800 as shown at the very bottom screen shot in the WKO MRFA. 

Equipment Used Today:

Wahoo Kickr (Purchased late 2014)
iPhone 5s with Apple 30 pin to Lighting cord
ANT+ adaptor 30 pin adaptor
2015 Quarq ELSA
Garmin 800 (not necessary, but used to record the Quarq)
TrainerRoad IOS application (current edition at time of test)

TrainerRoad Settings and Sensors:

Quarq ELSA: Power Meter 
Quarq ELSA: Cadence
Kickr: Trainer
Kickr: Speed Sensor

Manual Zero before starting the workout

Screen Shots:

iPhone TrainerRoad custom workout
Quarq ELSA controlling the workout
Cadence from Quarq ELSA
TrainerRoad ERG Mode target

Post Training Comparison:

WKO+ Multi Range File Analysis
Yellow: Quarq recorded to Garmin 800
Red: TrainerRoad power meter controlled

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