Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Comet Rehab Ride

Route and Ride Data Links:

Strava - Outbound and Inbound 

Ride Metrics:

 Outbound Duration:  1:08:34
Work: 520 kJ
TSS: 60.3 (intensity factor 0.729)
Norm Power: 137
VI:         1.0
Distance:   20 mi
Power Avg: 127 watts
Cadence: 70 rpm
Speed:  17.7 mph

Inbound Duration:   1:02:37
Work: 483 kJ
TSS: 59.4 (intensity factor 0.757)
Norm Power: 142
VI: 1.11
Distance:   20 mi
Power Avg: 129 watts
Cadence: 69 rpm
Speed: 19.4 mph


Build Endurance and Knee Rehab

Ride Description:

Out and Back Spin trying to get some motion in my knee and start back on building some fitness.


Temperature Start (F): 77
Temperature Finish (F): 83
Wind: Calm
Sky: Partly cloudy

Nutrition Intake During and Immediately After:

Bottle #1 24oz. Water, Amino mix, Maltodextrin
GU gel at mile 20
Post Ride: 30 gram protein drink


 Felt  B10 

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