Sunday, July 2, 2017

Bike 5 Walk 5

Continental GP4000 Blow Out

Bead Blow Out

Replaced with a Michelin Pro 4 because it was on sale at Performance Bike on the way home.

I'm not going to bother with uploading my usual metrics and data because I never really got out of the warm up before the bead blew out of the GP4000. I had plenty of offers for a new tube, but with this tire failure no tube was going to do me any good. I was about a mile from a bike shop on the walk back, but I only had a five dollar bill. I figured at least I would get in a good walk even if it was with road shoes and cleats. 

I was really excited to get out on this ride today because my knee is feeling a whole lot better and I am hoping to start getting back into the regaining some fitness, but things keep happening. Oh well no biggie because eventually I will get back into the groove.

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