Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday Solo Cruise

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Strava - Today's Route

Ride Metrics:

Distance (mile): 40
Speed (mph): 18.6
Cadence (rpm): 72
Time Moving: 
Time Total: 
Work (kj): 
Normal Power: 
Average Power: 
Max Power: 


Build Endurance

Ride Description:

Hot!! Out and Back Spin and I am ready to say that I am out of rehab mode and now back to focusing on rebuilding endurance. I feel like I have a long way to dig out of this hole, but I am also glad that the injuries were not worse and that I can start back with training. 

Strength training is going to take longer because of the torn PCL and I have to be very careful when I train strength. Last week I was up to 450 x 10 for several sets of leg press and using light weight for full depth hack squats. I still do not feel as if I can start regular bar squats yet. I cannot afford to lose stability during a squat and really do more damage to my knee. 

I needed to put some new Cee Gee Cushys on the tri bike because of wear over the past number of years and blood and filth from the accident was not coming out. Glad I did and the new pads felt great. However, the healing wound down my right forearm was still tender on that pad. It's just a slight irritation and will not slow progress.


Temperature Start (F): 80
Temperature Finish (F): 91
Wind: Calm
Sky: Partly cloudy

Nutrition Intake During and Immediately After:

Bottle #1 24oz. Water, BSN Amino X, Maltodextrin, Trace Mineral Drops
Post Ride: 40 gram protein drink


 Felt  B10 

Adding New Cee Gee Cushys:

This has been the best hook and look to have around the house
and has served for several types of bike related projects.

After the metal cups with mineral spirits and then denatured alcohol.
The hook side of the Velcro was ready to apply and trim with a razor blade around the edges.
Cleaning the surface well will help this adhesive stay on for many months.

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