Saturday, August 12, 2017

Brewery Solo

Route and Ride Data Links:

Strava - Today's Route

Ride Metrics:

Distance (mile): 81
Speed (mph): 17
Cadence (rpm): 69
Time Moving: 
Time Total: 
Work (kj): 
Normal Power: 140
Average Power: 118
Max Power: 440
VI: 1.19


Build Endurance

Ride Description:

Out and Back solo spin on my usual route. I hope to pick up some fitness in the next weeks and maybe get in a few more long rides when it cools off in the fall.

Bike was running quiet and smooth today with re-waxing the chain yesterday. I did not feel a power loss, but it was certainly making some noise so I figured it was time. I plan to start keeping better track with each bike for the power meter battery changes and chain waxing. 


Temperature Start (F): 71
Temperature Finish (F): 87
Wind: Calm
Sky: Thick fog at times to partly cloudy at the end.

Nutrition Intake During and Immediately After:

Bottle #1 24oz. Water, BSN Amino X, Maltodextrin
Bottle #2 24oz. Water, BSN Amino X, Maltodextrin

Bottle #3 10oz. Water
GU gel at mile 24
Clif Bar at mile 45
Post Ride: 30 gram protein drink


 Felt  B10 

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