Monday, August 7, 2017

Torn PCL Recovery Progress

Time is flying by as they say. I wanted to drop this in for my record as to how things are progressing with the June 10th crash injuries. The skin on the right knee cap is still deep purple and feels a little funky, but it does not feel feverish or discomforting. I am still a little concerned by how it looks and hope there is not any infection just below the new skin topping the wound. 

Cycling training has been going okay. In fact I have started to increase the intensity a little and I am trying to get back into extensive aerobic training to rebuild my endurance. At this point my fitness is lagging behind the recovery of the injury in terms of cycling training.

It is the strength training that I am having to take a bit slower and more cautiously. I haven't logged any of the strength training progress. At first I started with light cycling only and with just body weight motion with holding on to something for stability. Next, I started with no weight on the leg press and quarter range unweighted squats and hack squats and moved up in weight a little each week. So here is where I am as of this morning's gym visit and my Monday leg training day. 

Just a note that I come from a competitive strength background and I consider strength training as my primary training even though I am far from the days of my peak strength. I try to hold on as best I can at this age. I have stated before and still believe that strength training has nothing to do with progressing cycling training. My whole goal is to be cross fit. I have over 30 years invested in strength training myself and helping others so it is something that I want to hang onto as best I can. I do agree that physical therapy or rehabilitation is crucial for injury recovery and that can have an impact on future performance if not approached in the right manner or if avoided. 

Cybex Squat Press - all sets were full range (plate = 45 lbs.). Sets 1 through 9 were feet close together. Sets 10 and 11 were feet wide apart.

Set 1 - empty
Set 2 - 2 Plates (90 lbs) x 20 reps
Set 3 - 4 Plates (180 lbs) x 10 reps
Set 4 - 6 Plates (270 lbs) x 10 reps
Set 5 - 8 Plates (360 lbs) x 6 reps
Set 6 - 10 Plates (450 lbs) x 6 reps
Set 7 - 12 Plates ( 540 lbs) x 3 reps
Set 8 - 12 Plates ( 540 lbs) x 3 reps
Set 9 - 10 Plates (450 lbs) x 6 reps
Set 10 - 8 Plates (360 lbs) x 6 reps
Set 11 - 8 Plates (360 lbs) x 6 reps

As a reference: Before the injury I was doing 540 x 10 with no problem.

Smith Machine Squat - Squats are the trouble area at the moment. There is a bit of bad discomfort in this motion. I couldn't squat with an empty bar last week and could only body weight squat holding on the rack with discomfort. I wanted to stretch this a little today. I am glad I did. It was just a matter of staying very focused on how it felt and stop when it did not feel right. I am a long way from regular training weight. It is a time to put away ego for how others in the gym may view training with ultra light weight and be ultra careful.

Set 1 - empty
Set 2 - 20 lbs x 6 reps
Set 3 - 40 lbs x 6 reps
Set 4 - 60 lbs x 6 reps
Set 5 - 80 lbs x 6 reps
Set 6 - 80 lbs x 6 reps

As a reference: Before the injury I was doing Hack Squats with 225 x 10 with no problem.

I finished with a few lights sets of knee extensions, seated legs curls and calf raises.

Disclaimer: if anyone stumbles on this blog post looking for ideas on coming back from a torn PCL please go only by what your physical therapist or orthopedic recommends. 

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