Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sunday Solo Cruise

Route and Ride Data Links:

Strava - Today's Route

Ride Metrics:

Distance (mile): 40.7
Speed Avg. (mph): 18.6
Cadence (rpm): 73
Time Moving: 
Time Total: 
Work (kj): 
Normal Power: 
Average Power: 
Max Power: 
VI: 1.11
TSS: 161,7
IF: 0,86


Build Endurance

Ride Description:

Out and Back Spin on a busy path. I had a lot more momentum killers today and that is okay. I could also feel some fatigue from yesterday's ride and that too was okay. It was just nice to get out for a nice cruise on the path.

Also nice to talk with Ben after the ride and best wishes on the career move to Emory Medical in Atlanta and to the Atlanta cycling scene. There are a lot of great groups scattered around and excellent places. Of course I am partial to cycling in north of Cartersville out of the Budweiser plant or from Sosebee Bike Park. Or maybe you will see me trying to hang on your wheel at the Comet one Sunday. Ride fast, Ride safe!


Temperature Start (F): 90
Temperature Finish (F): 90
Wind: Breezy
Sky: Partly cloudy

Nutrition Intake During and Immediately After:

Bottle #1 24oz. Water, BSN Amino X, Maltodextrin
GU gel at mile 20
Post Ride: 30 gram protein drink


 Felt  B10 

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